The CNM Naturopathic Diet

  • How many diets have you tried in your life?
  • Were you dieting to lose weight or to get healthier?
  • Was dieting a burden to you ― did you feel like you were denying yourself something you like, or were you enjoying the process?
  • How was your overall well-being when you were on a diet?
  • Were you full of energy and zeal for life, or were you barely able to drag yourself out of bed in the morning hoping the day would pass as quickly as possible?

The CNM Naturopathic Diet is not a calorie-restricting diet and losing weight is not its main focus. It was created to help people adopt healthy eating practices to improve their overall health or tackle health issues such as gastric irritation, reflux or hay fever. Excess weight ― if we have any ― comes off automatically. It is actually a way to eat ourselves to health. Would you like to learn how?

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