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CNM Diploma Courses


Length of study: 2 – 3 years
Clinical Hours: 200 hours, online
Study location: Online from home
Award: Diploma Nutrition Therapist

Herbal Medicine

Length of study: 2 – 3 years
Clinical Hours: 500 hours
Study location: Online from home
Award: Diploma Master Herbalist

Health Coach

Length of study: 6 – 12 months
Coaching Skills: 250 hours
Study location: Online from home
Award: Diploma Health Coach


Length of Study: 1 – 2 years
Clinical Hours: 400-500 hours
Study location: Online from home
Award: Diploma Naturopathy

CNM’s Mission

  • To provide thorough, practice-orientated training in natural therapies such as NutritionHerbal Medicine, and Health Coaching and Naturopathy.
  • To train students to become highly competent, successful practitioners.
  • To make sure CNM courses are widely recognised and respected in the Netherlands, Europe, United Kingdom and internationally.
  • To continuously raise the profile of natural therapies in society.
  • To support and promote CNM graduates after qualification.

Graduation Ceremony 2022

Why study with CNM?

Comprehensive training

Reputable and trusted training college with more than 20 years’ experience in natural health education.

Study from anywhere

Interact and engage with lecturers and fellow students through our cutting-edge online training platform.

Fully accredited courses

All courses are recognised by leading professional associations in the UK and internationally.

Learn from the best

Lecturers are supportive mentors and experts in their fields with extensive clinical experience, teaching up-to-date material that exceeds industry standards.

Flexible and affordable

Flexible study programmes and fee payment plans to suit your personal commitments and budget.

Supportive environment

With a strong sense of community and an extensive alumni network, CNM is here to support and encourage you along your study journey.

Qualified practitioner

With supervised clinical hours you will gain the skills and experience to carry out client consultations with ease and confidence.

Limitless career opportunities

CNM graduates are highly sought-after in the industry and 80% are practicing full or part-time. The opportunities available to you when you graduate are limitless.

Build a thriving business

We teach you everything you need to know to get your new career started and build a thriving business including how to market and promote your practice.

Career Opportunities

80% of CNM graduates are actively practising and opening successful private clinics in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine or Health Coaching after graduation!

Our students and graduates:

Diploma Example


All courses are accredited and recognised by the leading professional associations in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Internationally. View full list of accreditations here.

CNM Graduates in the Netherlands

I work in the Netherlands

Bernadette Keogh, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I didn’t plan to work abroad when I trained in Nutrition at CNM London, but after graduating I moved to The Hague in the Netherlands.  I work in corporate wellness as a freelance Nutritional Therapist, going into companies and giving talks on nutrition, sleep, and stress.

Everyone in the Netherlands must have private health insurance and you can get insurance to cover complementary therapies.  To qualify as a therapist on the private insurance register you have to meet certain requirements. My CNM qualification easily enabled me to practice and get professional insurance to do so.  

I see great potential for growth and integration of natural therapies here in The Netherlands. The Dutch have used natural therapies for many years and there is a huge amount of interest in natural therapies here.  It is popular for Doctors and health providers to study nutrition as an adjunct to their qualification and you have nutritional therapists and western doctors collaborating together.


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