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I work online and I work in English, German and Dutch depending on the client

Janine Schaeffer, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I have a MSc in child psychology and although I have been interested in health for a long time, I really got into nutritional therapy when I was working with autistic children and noticed that there was always something going on with their digestive health and parents were often coming to me with questions around this issue which at the time I couldn’t answer.

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Then some years later when I had my own children and they had eczema and digestive issues I dived into digestive health even more. I finally decided to study nutritional therapy. Since CNM had a great online program, I got my diploma as a nutritional consultant from there and hope to do further studies there as well, as it is an excellent school. At the moment I work online and I work in English, German and Dutch depending on the client. Although I also work with women, I thoroughly enjoy working with children (and their parents). I think it is essential to add nutritional therapy to help children suffering from various conditions.

I work in the Netherlands

Bernadette Keogh, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I didn’t plan to work abroad when I trained in Nutrition at CNM London, but after graduating I moved to The Hague in the Netherlands. I work in corporate wellness as a freelance Nutritional Therapist, going into companies and giving talks on nutrition, sleep, and stress.

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Everyone in the Netherlands must have private health insurance and you can get insurance to cover complementary therapies.  To qualify as a therapist on the private insurance register you have to meet certain requirements. My CNM qualification easily enabled me to practice and get professional insurance to do so.  

I see great potential for growth and integration of natural therapies here in The Netherlands. The Dutch have used natural therapies for many years and there is a huge amount of interest in natural therapies here.  It is popular for Doctors and health providers to study nutrition as an adjunct to their qualification and you have nutritional therapists and western doctors collaborating together.

Just by changing the foods that I put in my mouth, I felt a dramatic increase in energy levels and felt better in dealing with stressors of daily life.

Iris Kee, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Before I became a Nutritional Therapist, I obtained a Master in Law and worked in public policy in The Netherlands and EU diplomacy in Brussels. I ventured into nutrition while living with my husband and two children in Japan.

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Before I became a Nutritional Therapist, I obtained a Master in Law and worked in public policy in The Netherlands and EU diplomacy in Brussels. I ventured into nutrition while living with my husband and two children in Japan.

Just by changing the foods that I put in my mouth, I felt a dramatic increase in energy levels and felt better in dealing with stressors of daily life. I became very interested in the health properties of whole foods and ways of incorporating these foods in my diet by preparing delicious meals. Upon our move to London, I decided to take the plunge and train as a Nutritional Therapist at The College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Since summer 2017 I have moved with my family back to The Netherlands and will continue my practise from there.

CNM’s courses are the most well-rounded and up-to-date

Suzie, Naturopathic Nutrition 

When comparing various nutrition courses, CNM’s was the most well-rounded, holistic and up-to-date course around. The clinical practice was also fantastic to get real life practice. My CNM lecturers were brilliant, always challenging and supporting us.

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I was ready to see clients straightaway

Once qualified, I started to see clients straightaway. I soon realised how a paleo/primal approach to diet and lifestyle significantly helped whatever ailment my clients were dealing with. As a result, I became a huge paleo advocate and now my whole family follows a paleo lifestyle (including the dog and cats).


I launched my own healthy snack range

I launched my own range of healthy snacks, Primal Pantry, which are tasty, nutritious and made with whole foods. They are vegan and free from grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils. I could never have anticipated how popular the range would be – we sold 20,000 bars in the first two weeks after launching! I have the satisfaction of knowing that lots of people are benefitting from Primal Pantry’s commitment to real food, an approach that was highly emphasised at CNM.

I produced a book which became a global hit

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

My first book Eat Yourself Young became a global hit, translated into eight languages. I regularly write for the media and I’m a healthy eating guru on a TV show.

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The health foundation I needed

CNM gave me the foundation of my knowledge in health, food and herbal medicine. All the teachers were amazing and so encouraging; they made me hungry for more knowledge and it was this hunger that has led me to where I am today. The great thing is I can keep coming back to CNM and learning more – the learning never ends! Thank you CNM.

Elizabeth can be contacted via

Studying at CNM helped me get my life and health back

Nikki, Naturopathic Nutrition 

I loved being a student at CNM. The lecturers had so much enthusiasm in their teaching and their deep knowledge was incredibly inspiring and motivating. In the three years I was at CNM, I learned more than I could have expected or hoped for. It was a challenging and thoroughly captivating journey that changed my whole li

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I wanted to be self-employed so I could have the flexibility to work when I wanted. Having always been interested in nutrition and natural therapies, once I started studying at CNM, I knew I was on the right path and this was career change I’d been looking for.

I desperately sought answers for my poor health

After university, I had a couple of stressful life events which led me down the route of orthorexia. I followed radical health trends which weren’t healthy at all and as a result, my health suffered. I experienced endometriosis, chronic UTI’s, acne, candida, anxiety, panic attacks and C. difficile. I was prescribed medication but my health only worsened. Symptoms kept recurring and new health problems appeared – I was left feeling let down.

The wake-up call I needed

When I lost two loved ones to cancer, I got a wake-up call and I realised how important it was to look after my health. I decided to learn more about nutrition and it was the best thing I ever did. I worked with a nutritional therapist for a year and together we slowly built my health back up again.

After seeing the positive effects that nutritional therapy had on my own health, I embarked on the biomedicine and nutrition course at CNM. I researched all the nutrition courses available and decided on CNM as it covered all bases for me: in-depth learning, good quality lecturers, face-to-face teaching and approved qualifications. Studying at CNM gave me access to incredible teachers and tools I could use to continue my good health journey and help others too.

CNM exceeded my expectations

I loved being a student at CNM. The lecturers had so much enthusiasm in their teaching and their deep knowledge was incredibly inspiring and motivating. The clinics were exciting and really prepared us for our own practice. In the three years I was at CNM, I learned more than I could have expected or hoped for. It was a challenging and thoroughly captivating journey that changed my whole life.

My business is booming

I’ve set up my own nutritional therapy business and I specialise in nutrigenomics and gut health. I’m already practising and doing well! I offer 1:1 nutritional therapy consultations at my clinic and I also run wellbeing talks for businesses.

If you’re interested in nutrition and supporting people with health conditions, then CNM provides you with all the tools you need to do this effectively and safely. It has motivated me to make positive changes in my life and fuelled my confidence to keep finding new adventures and challenges in life.

An incredibly supportive college with such inspiring

Jo Lee, Nutrition Graduate

If you’re curious about health and nutrition, consider studying with CNM. Even if you don’t want to practice, you’ll leave feeling so in awe of your incredible body and you will be equipped to take the very best care of it. You’re never too old to learn something new!

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I was in constant pain

I started to suffer with a very bad back and nerve pain. Some days I found it hard to walk or sleep; it was soul destroying. I got through the days with over-the-counter pain relief and spinal injections; I constantly looked pale with dark rings under my eyes. My focus on food began when juicing had just become fashionable and I went on a week-long juicing retreat. The positive impact that nutrition had on my body soon became clear.

Changing my diet was a real turning point

I decided to try acupuncture and explore nutrition and lifestyle changes. I started to feel so much better and this was a real light bulb moment for me. I then made the decision to study nutrition, so I began looking for courses. I found CNM on a Google search and went to meet a college representative to discuss the course in more detail. I was so excited at the thought of starting and signed up to the 3-year diploma as soon as I could.

Inspiring lectures with an amazing group of peers

After years of studying via distance learning, I was ready to meet other students on a regular basis and I loved the fact that CNM involved time at the college with other students. I was so lucky to study with an amazing group of people. Every lecture inspired me to learn more about the subject. I also loved the final year student clinics; even though they were nerve wracking at the beginning, the clinics gave me the confidence to be able to practice on my own. We had incredible clinical support from our clinic supervisors and peers.

I got to the root cause of my symptoms

The course has helped me to focus on my health and realise the importance of healing my body in a holistic way. I’ve been able to get to the root cause of my ill health, rather than just silencing my symptoms which has been so powerful. I now have the skill-set to help others and empower them to take charge of their health which is an amazing feeling.

I now empower others to make positive changes

Since graduating, I’ve set up a private clinic at home called Vitalife Nutrition. I create recipes and meal plans for other clinics and therapists. I’m constantly learning new things, following the latest research and reading everything I can about nutrition. I love helping clients understand how their body works and empowering them to take the first step towards positive change.

Become a Nutritional Therapist

Studying at CNM was life-changing, inspiring and exciting

Alex, Naturopathic Nutrition 

I chose CNM because the college is so well-recognised and respected in the health industry. The high standard of teaching was evident from the outset. The real-life practice in the student clinic was brilliant as it prepared me for practicing immediately after graduating.

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Studying nutrition changed my life

I decided to follow my dreams and study nutrition after a life-changing event which made me reassess my life. As a chef and cookery teacher, I’d always been into food but my passion was health and nutrition. After successfully overcoming my own health issues, I wanted to learn how to help others using natural therapies.

I now teach others how to eat healthily

My CNM studies were life-changing, inspiring and exciting. I loved learning about the principles of functional medicine and addressing the underlying cause of a client’s condition. I’m now practicing as a naturopath and nutritional therapist with clinics in Balham and central London. The feedback I get from my clients inspires and encourages me. Being able to combine my nutrition knowledge with my former chef experience enables me to show my clients practical ways to improve their diet. I’m passionate about my job and I’ll never stop learning. It’s so rewarding helping people to make improvements to their health.

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CNM’s training has made me a confident and competent practitioner

Zoë Taylor, Nutrition Graduate

I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved at CNM, both personally and academically, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has given me. I love being able to educate and empower my clients; enabling them to explore their health status and achieve optimal wellbeing.

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I wanted to help myself and my family

I began my studies at CNM following a long-standing interest in nutrition. I had worked in IT since leaving university but I never felt that spreadsheets and storage solutions were my true calling. After my dad had a heart attack, I started to read about nutrition as I wanted to find out how I could help him and what preventative health measures I could use for myself and my family.

The clinical practice brought the knowledge to life

I particularly wanted classroom-based learning and I was attracted to CNM’s emphasis on clinical practice. For me, the clinical training was essential as it enabled me to feel competent and confident enough to apply the knowledge in real-life. I enjoyed learning about the science of nutrition and seeing this knowledge really come to life during clinic days.  Leading and observing in clinic was an absolute privilege.

The career change I was desperately seeking

I quickly realised that nutrition was an area I wanted to work in and during my third year, I left my IT job to concentrate on my studies. I’m now the assistant manager for Amaranth, an award-winning wellness store based in Manchester. I also offer client nutrition consultations from Amaranth’s treatment rooms as part of my own business, Step Back Nutrition. In the future, I would like to specialise in the fields of autism and ADHD. I believe everyone can benefit from nutritional therapy and I’m delighted to be a part of this growing industry.

Become a Nutritional Therapist

“Studying with CNM is one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have.”

Kelly, Naturopathic Nutrition

I worked for many years in events and marketing which was very stressful. My diet was poor, I lived off ready meals, pastries, crisps and coffee. I had suffered long-term with IBS, eczema and adult acne after coming off the pill for 15 years. I was run down and kept getting ill all the time. After countless trips to the GP and fruitless medical testing to get to the bottom of it all, I was so confused and upset as to why my body was completely out of sync. I’d finally met my tipping point. From then on, I decided to start taking my health into my own hands and exploring ways to improve my symptoms.

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I was sure that my poor diet and prolonged hormonal contraception were not good for my body and wanted to make changes to my diet and lifestyle. Whilst talking to a friend, the topic of nutrition came up and it really resonated with me. There I was, struggling to enjoy full health and stumbling across Naturopathic Nutrition was like an epiphany moment. I could get to the root cause of my symptoms, and improve my health through food; a win-win! I went on to research different functional medicine degrees and realised none of them had any real-life clinical experience. CNM’s 200 clinical hours meant I would be confident in my own practice as soon as I graduated. It was a huge bonus to have so much real life clinical experience rather than just academic learning and case studies.

Within a week I had quit my job in events and enrolled on the Nutritional Therapy course at CNM. I also trained as a yoga teacher so that I could work teaching this whilst studying, as this was more in line with the holistic path I was choosing.

Each week I was so excited to come to college. The scientific and clinical diversity of the course, as well as the holistic approach to wellness, really made me feel I would be able to make a difference in people’s lives. Taking into account not only someone’s physical and mental health but also their family, work and social life truly makes nutritional therapy a unique complementary practise. Understanding that as practitioners, we are a sounding board for our clients to offload their deepest worries, fears and health concerns is both an important privilege and a gateway for us to help them improve their life in every way possible.

I found studying with CNM life-changing, exciting and rewarding. I also loved the community I gained over the years; creating a network of colleagues who became friends. Since graduating I am working with both private clients in Harley Street as well as corporate nutrition in the workplace.

I find it so fulfilling that I am able to offer two forms of service, through my practice, The Natural Balance. I work both one-on-one with private clients, (in particular with women who have hormonal imbalances and IBS, much like I did) as well as in the corporate environment, improving workplace wellbeing.

In the workplace I offer talks and workshops to educate and emphasise how nutrition helps with energy, focus, motivation and stress. I do a lot of work providing employees with the tools they need to understand what makes up a healthy diet and how to improve energy and sleep hygiene patterns.

I love sharing the knowledge that enables people to help themselves. It’s incredibly rewarding when I see my clients’ symptoms improve. It’s amazing how making small changes can produce such big results. I hope that by sharing my story, it can give others hope that they too can live a better life with full health.

Nutrition has changed my life in every way possible. I think, feel, look and sleep better and I am constantly rewarded when I am able to help those around me to live a better life. Whether you are interested in learning more about nutrition and health for yourself, to help someone you know, or even to become a practitioner, studying with CNM is one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have. The knowledge you gain is invaluable and the ability to help others is everlasting.

Studying at CNM completely transformed my life!

Carli-Louan, Naturopathic Nutrition 

The nutrition course at CNM gave me an incredible sense of purpose. I’m no longer stressed and miserable, instead, I’m excited to get up in the morning as I can help make a difference to someone’s life.


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I was at breaking point

After 10 years of chronic stress and working long hours, with no work-life balance, I decided I needed a change. I was at breaking point – running on adrenaline, not eating properly and experiencing chest pains. I was exhausted, my hair was thinning and I struggled with acne and hormone imbalance.

The wake-up call I needed

I attended a nutrition event that my trainers (two CNM graduates) were running. After listening to what they had to say and following their protocols, my health and perspective on life transformed. It was a huge wake up call. I finally understood the damage I was doing to my body and how I needed to fix it. I also realised I had a huge desire to help others. Having heard lots of great things about CNM, I decided to join.

I healed my body from the inside out

The clinical experience of observing and working with clients was fascinating and fulfilling. It challenged me, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and gave me an incredible sense of purpose.

The CNM course emphasises the need to tackle the root cause of symptoms. This was so true in my life as I needed to address my stress and align with my core values.

I’m no longer stressed and miserable

Studying at CNM set the course of my life and gave me an incredible sense of purpose. I’m so happy to be on a path where I’m excited to get up in the morning because I can make a difference to someone’s health and wellbeing.

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CNM’s course led to my dream career

Sarah, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

As a teenager I suffered with terrible acne and poor skin. Not understanding the underlying cause, I tried every lotion and potion under the sun, but nothing helped. I then turned to nutrition.

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The pill made my symptoms worse

My GP put me on the contraceptive pill in an attempt to balance my hormones and improve my acne. This made my health and skin worse. I had mood swings, I felt depressed and I was suffering from endless bouts of thrush and irregular periods. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My teenage years were miserable.

The course saved my life!

I went to see a naturopath who helped me with my hormonal issues. I soon started to feel better and this inspired me to learn everything I could about natural therapies. I enrolled at CNM which saved my life – now I have my health back and my dream career! I get to do something I love every day and help so many people with my knowledge.

Such a supportive community

CNM has such an involved and supportive community. The sheer diversity of the topics was fascinating and inspired me greatly. It was amazing to meet and learn from the people who are experts in their field.

I can’t imagine a life without herbs

I now run a busy clinic in Cornwall and I’m fortunate to be able to support people with a wide range of health issues. I can’t imagine living a life without herbs or the knowledge I gained from taking the CNM course.

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