Student Stories

“My studies have been life changing, exciting, and unforgettable.”

Simona, Naturopathic Nutrition

I’m in my final year of studying Naturopathic Nutrition part time at CNM in London.

I worked in luxury fashion and retail but I felt chronically exhausted and unwell. I was looking for a way to change my life and have a career path which was meaningful. I chose CNM for my studies because of its naturopathic approach to health and the great feedback I had heard about the college.

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My studies have been life changing, exciting, and unforgettable. I love everything about my course.  The lecturers are great, the content is very rich, giving me knowledge which has helped me become healthy.  I feel great. I’ve met amazing like-minded people, built my confidence, and have become much more positive.

When I qualify I will practise as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist to educate people about health, and help them change their lives, the way I have done.

“Diet reversed my skin problems”

Matt, Naturopathic Nutrition

Matt is joining CNM because a natural, plant based diet reversed years of skin problems that conventional medical treatment seemed unable to resolve.

Suffering from acne, eczema, rosacea and going through topical steroid withdrawal, I was subject to conventional medicine for many years, but it made my problems even worse. I believe the antibiotics ‘knocked out’ my immune system. I developed sinus problems, fatigue, poor digestion and food intolerances.

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Several years of antibiotics, steroids, confusing and changing medical diagnoses and worsening health, being stared at and even, on one occasion, being called a zombie in public, I decided I had enough… I went through a lot of personal health issues and gradually began to immerse myself in the science behind nutrition and lifestyle. I began to research more holistic methods of healing and came across people online using diet and exercise to heal. After many years of studying and experimenting with my own healing journey, seeing many others getting great results and starting to feel a lot better myself, I decided to go all in and completely abandon the pharmaceutical approach.

Eventually it became a hobby and one day I decided would be a great idea to pursue it as a career.

Matt has enrolled at CNM so he can train to become a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist

“Studying at CNM has been the best investment I’ve ever made”

Rob, Naturopathic Nutrition

The quality course content, experienced lecturers and meeting like-minded people has confirmed that my decision to change my career path has been the right one.

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My body broke down

I’m currently in my second year of the naturopathic nutrition course. I’ve always had a keen interest in natural therapies, although it wasn’t until I became unwell that I decided to study it. I contracted multiple parasitic infections during a trip to Indonesia; when I returned to the UK, I started experiencing non-specific symptoms which lasted for 18 months. I was going through a stressful period at work and I wasn’t able to figure out what was going on with my health. The combination of a heavy parasite infestation and stress resulted in me getting very ill; my body just broke down.

Naturopathy was the only thing which worked

I was put on multiple antibiotics; however, the infections wouldn’t clear up and I was left feeling much worse. During this time, I did a huge amount of research on my own to try to figure out what was wrong. I worked with an excellent naturopath who was able to carry out functional testing and give me the supplements I so desperately needed. I soon recovered and became fascinated with naturopathic medicine, how the body works and the root cause of disease. I decided I wanted to help people who were in a similar position to me.

The flexible study schedule is perfect for me

I was attracted to CNM because it offered a flexible study schedule. Given I work full time, it caters perfectly for my work life. I also wanted to do an in-class course rather than online one. Price and location were also a factor; the London campus in Kings Cross is a great location. The lectures are also available online which is very helpful.

The clinical experience is invaluable

What I’m enjoying most about the course is that it encompasses theory and practical experience with real-life cases. I find the clinics very useful as it enables me to see how best to treat clients. I like the fact that all lecturers have their own practice or work in a practice, enabling them to give case examples in class. The course content is extensive and covers everything you need to get set up as a practitioner. The best thing I’ve learnt so far is how to use food to treat disease, rather than using supplements alone. Using food as medicine has been a real eye-opener.

The course has changed my life

When I graduate, I plan to start my own clinic and specialise in digestive health. The course has completely changed my life; being able to do a job I love every day is such an exciting prospect. I will get so much satisfaction helping clients to regain their health.

“Where to begin!! Naturopathy is my passion and one of my earliest interests from childhood…”

Emma, Naturopathy

I loved every minute of this year and it was a pleasure to meet all of the lecturers who I found extensively knowledgeable with many years of experience between them.

For me Iridology was the most exciting part by far, this was totally new to me as a subject and was very pleased it was a longer module too. I have gained extensive new skills from this that I will be very confident in using in my clinic as part of my detective work!

Thank you Peter Jackson-Main for your wonderful book and sharing amazing insights of your experience.

I would have loved more Herbal Medicine, I could listen to Ed for days!! He brought the whole subject to life and again I now have new knowledge and tools to add to my bag. Thank you all and can’t wait to start Naturopathic Principles in the Autumn term.

“I cannot recommend CNM highly enough”

Dominique, Naturopathic Nutrition

I have just completed my first year of Naturopathic Nutrition (Biomedicine) and will be returning in October to study Nutrition Year 1. I cannot recommend CNM highly enough. The standard, experience and knowledge of my Lecturer is second to none. My whole class are in awe of him. He is a practitioner himself which means we receive relevant, authentic examples of client case studies and scenarios. He is approachable and despite his immense knowledge, I never fear to ask a silly question or to ask for more help on a subject. My class is incredibly supportive. We are all from different walks of life, varied ages and all have different reasons why we have enrolled. But we all have one thing in common, we are proud to be students at CNM.

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The lecture content is quite simply remarkable. The presentations are visual to support your revision, and are constructed in a smart way to help you learn in bite sized chunks and build upon your previous lectures. I have never covered so much content in one lecture before but it really works. I often wonder why it took me 33 years to start learning about the human body and self-healing. But I am glad I waited because I can think of no other place I would prefer to study. Also my initial recommendation to join CNM came from my practitioner who is an incredibly gifted healer, his advice that CNM was the best learning ground was accurate and reassuring.

I spoke with the admissions team before I enrolled, who were great and also filled many gaps of my understanding of the course. They invited me in to take a look at the college. As I approached CNM London (10 mins from Kings Cross) and saw the beautiful setting of Percy circus and the gorgeous grounds of the college (they have gardens and lots of greenery) I was already hooked. My experience got better and better as I saw the library, the cafe and the clinic rooms.

Before joining the course I could not see how I would ever sit down with a client and advise them. This was definitely the fear of the unknown as my fears were quashed by learning that I would be observing student nutritionists seeing real clients in year 2. In year 3 I will be holding the clinic appointments myself, but with the support of Lecturers (who are practitioners) which filled me with confidence that I will be observed and fed back to. If you wish you can also be a client at a student clinic and discuss any health issues and receive nutritional, herbal and acupuncture advice at an extremely good price.  I personally saw a student nutritional therapist. Her advice (signed off and supported by practitioner-lecturers) has been life changing for me and I saw positive results in my health.

I unfortunately lost my mum over the Christmas period which affected my studies, my revision and ultimately meant I was not ready for my first exam. To add to an already amazing experience at CNM, the support I received from my Lecturer was outstanding, the Directors of Study were supportive and positive and inspired me to continue. With a few rearrangements and (of course) my hard work in studying, I sat and passed both my exams and assignment. The assignment was not just marked and sent back, but covered in feedback so I knew how to improve for next time.

I am glad of the expectation that you have to attend 90% of classes because quite frankly you need the Lecturer and your peers.  I would rather be in the college with the experts, as they bring the subject to life. You do need to put the time in, to simply turn up is not enough, but if you’ve chosen the right subject for you, you will be eager to learn more and excited about every next lecture! I come from a background of retail which could not be more different, but CNM helped me transition my life towards my dream.

If like me, you are looking for a natural approach with a deeper understanding of the human body, go and see CNM!

“As a chef I wanted to know about Nutrition”

Isabel Hood, Naturopathic Nutrition

Being an international private chef is hugely exciting, but there has always been a deep undercurrent of conflict within me about the effect that the dishes I prepare for my clients may have on their health. This is what finally pushed me into going back to school somewhat late in life and searching for a way to resolve the many contradictions which I have encountered during my gastronomic career, where mouth-watering cuisine and good health seemed to be mutually exclusive.

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As a chef studying Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM I found the proof that food can be utterly delicious, life-enhancing and gratifying while simultaneously supporting thriving health, joie de vivre and energy.

I was attracted to CNM because it provides the naturopathic element over and above plain nutrition, and because I wanted cast-iron credentials. Studying totally took over my life! What I learned gave me an infinite respect for the perfection of the human body and the mind-blowing intricacy of its functions. I discovered how a natural and nutrient-rich way of eating can literally make you feel like a totally different person.

I am incredibly thrilled to  graduate from CNM and now be able to put the treasure trove of knowledge which I have acquired during my studies to good use.  While my approach will be all-encompassing, I am particularly interested in anti-ageing and brain health. From being an international private chef and food writer, I’ll now be The Natural =  Anti-Ageing Chef, a Nutritional food writer, and a Nutritional Therapist.

I’ll be harnessing the immense force of natural food, including plant-power, to support healing and recovery and to set my clients back on the road to optimal wellbeing.

“I’m looking forward to using my knowledge to help others”

Seema Vikaria, Nutrition

I was working in Optometry when in 2012 I started getting joint pains and was soon after diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

After doing my own research on how to best manage my condition,it led me to make significant changes to my diet.These changes helped to bring a real improvement to my health and I wanted to learn more, so I was referred to CNM by my aunt Nishta Patel, who is now a very busy Nutritional Therapist but at the time was just finishing her first year at the college.

During the course, I was able to make more specific changes to my diet and supplements.I have just finished Nutrition Year 2 and I have really enjoyed my three years at CNM, learning in class and student clinics. I’m looking forward to using my knowledge to help others. After I graduate I plan to practice as a nutritionist and I’m keen to set up in business supplying my own range of healthy and nutritious cakes and treats to cafes and shops.

‘CNM helps me see myself as a practitioner already’

Ioana, Herbal Medicine

CNM is a lovely place to be! I find all the subjects interesting and captivating.

What I especially love about CNM’s course is that it is well-designed, transparent and teachers explain the topics very well. I love the video lectures! It helps me to understand! People here are kind and friendly. Teachers are very well prepared. They make the lectures very interesting; they explain very well. Along with herbal medicine, I would love to study nutrition and homeopathy as well.

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I wanted to further my studies and from studying medical conditions, clinical psychology, psychiatry and so on during my special education needs degree, it was just one step up to considering natural medicine studies. I remember that I asked a lot of questions when I first called CNM and got answers to all of them, like the fact that the diploma is recognised in many European countries, what I’m going to study is natural medicine and I will be able to work in clinics after graduation or even better, to have my own clinic at some point in the future. I also liked the subjects that I was told that I’ll study during the years and of course the consultant’s enthusiasm. Having started at CNM I found the impact that nature has over the human body and mind amazing and this is why I got into natural therapies. I also liked the college very much! It was like: wow!

I expect to change my life a lot! CNM helps me see myself as a practitioner already! When I qualify, I plan to work as a practitioner and write books about herbal medicine.

Endometriosis: I am free of pain

Shireen Masani, Naturopathic Nutrition

I became very unwell with severe endometriosis which left me bed-ridden, this led to surgery followed by chronic fatigue syndrome.

This became my life for years. Medical doctors said I needed to accept that I would never be pain free. I decided to find my own path to recovery. I began by changing my diet and eliminating inflammatory foods, which made me practically pain free in 6 weeks. I realised then that I had found a way to heal myself and wanted to learn more so I could help others who were also losing hope.

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CNM offered a course that embraced nutrition differently from other courses, by placing importance on lifestyle and naturopathic principles. It was this combination that made me choose the course, and I am now in my final year of nutrition. I love the quality of lecturing as well as the depth of knowledge I’ve acquired. The course is intense, and has given me confidence in dealing with doctors.  The assignments are definitely good practice for the real world paths my career may take. I look forward to practising in the field and supporting clients to reach their own health goals.

What I wasn’t expecting was the amazing people I have met.  I have been really touched by the strong and supportive community we have built as a class.

“Longtime Eczema sufferer, I’ve been repeatedly prescribed steroids.”

Debbie Tripolitaki, Herbs Short Course and Naturopathic Nutrition

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered with eczema and I was repeatedly prescribed steroids from a young age. But I wanted to find out more about my skin condition and stopped using steroids altogether before I reached my 20’s. I wanted to know what caused my skin to flare up and how I could prevent it, rather than just react to the flare ups. I started with cutting certain foods out of my diet, and the impact on my skin was immediately noticeable! 

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Discovering the power of food has completely changed the way I manage my own health and that of my family. In contrast to my own childhood, I have brought my 3 children up using natural medicine when needed.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I decided to study and I signed up on a Short Course with CNM on Herbs for Everyday Living. The course and the lecturer were both really excellent and it’s amazing what herbs can do!

After finishing my short course I made the decision to completely retrain and enrolled on CNM’s Naturopathic Nutrition diploma course in 2011. I have always believed that health starts with what we eat; it’s the origin of everything, so although I love herbs and other natural therapies such as homeopathy, which has really worked for me, it makes sense to me to address diet first!

The challenge of training for a new career at 56 years old has been a big decision for me, but I’m confident that it’s the right one. I’m completely out of my comfort zone and learning new things when you are older is tough, but being in a classroom with likeminded people makes it enjoyable! The reason I chose CNM was because of their focus on face to face, clinical work because I know I will learn better through practice.

When I finish my studies I want to practice from home or rent a local clinic room, but there are so many possibilities in the industry if I want to other things as well! I never thought I would retrain at my age, but it just goes to show that it’s never too late to do something you love!

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