Free Lecture

A CNM Herbal Walk

with Peter Jackson-Main

Free Herbal Walk Lecture

Peter Jackson-Main mANP rGNC

Academic Director & Herbal Medicine Course Director 

Qualifications: Master of Herbal Medicine. Diplomas in Herbal Medicine and Natural Healing, Naturopathy, Iridology and Polarity Therapy.

Background: Peter has been teaching at CNM since 2003 and is the Course Director for Herbal Medicine, the Academic Director, and the Head of Research at the College. He also teaches Iridology and has been in practice in Natural Medicine since 1980. Peter is the author of the popular book Practical Iridology, which is a core text for the CNM Naturopathy course.

Take a walk in nature with Peter Jackson-Main as he passionately explores what nature has provided for us. This video will present you with an introduction to herbal medicine and the medicinal plants you can find on your daily walk. Peter will discuss how common herbs such as dandelion and wild garlic contain powerful healing properties, which can be easily incorporated into your everyday life.

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