Graduates Abroad – Slovenia

I graduated from CNM in 2019 having really enjoyed my studies.

Olesya Malayeri, (Russian living in Slovenia). Nutritional Therapist, practicing in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world in person and online.

I’m qualified Nutritional Therapist specializing in personalised Nutrition and Nutrigenomics. I graduated from CNM in 2019 having really enjoyed my studies.

I received my BA in Economics and Philosophy and an MBA from Liverpool John Moores. I had no plans to change careers until I ran into some serious health problems.

Living in a stressful city environment, I initially developed some stomach issues. Soon after, my entire health slowly started disintegrating.  By 2008, I lost a huge amount of weight and was severely immunocompromised. A thorough investigation revealed 2 pre cancerous intestinal polyps and a severe esophageal candidiasis.

I spent the next few years going from one top specialist to another but no one could provide me with any answers. I was unable to swallow properly or eat anything without having severe stomach pains. I developed skin rashes, psoriasis and chronic fatigue.  On top of that, I was diagnosed with a Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition, in 2010 and was sent home with a bag of hormones, steroids and antihistamines.

Having run out of options and realizing that I was slowly dying, I checked myself into a detox clinic as my last attempt to save my health.  Two weeks later, following a strict diet, a detox protocol and various natural therapies, I was back in London and it felt like somebody just pressed the “off button” on all my health problems.

This incredible transformation in my health made me change the way I was living and eating. Fast forward to 2015, I tragically lost my father to bowel cancer. It made me finally pluck up the courage to make it official and enroll on a 3 year course in Naturopathic nutrition. I never looked back.

CNM has some incredible lecturers, who are themselves successful practitioners. Watching them in clinics was fascinating and I got a lot of real life practical tips.

To me, the most important part of the course was my own clinical hours. CNM puts a lot of emphasis on clinical experience, which, believe me, is priceless in a real life post college setting. None of the other colleges I spoke to seemed to offer the same number of clinical hours. It is this clinical experience that gives you the confidence to work with real clients straight after graduating.

I am so happy to report that my health is now better than it’s ever been. My Hashimotos thyroiditis is in remission and there is no trace of any other immune or digestive issues. I was also able to conceive and give birth to two healthy children in a completely natural way. I am currently pregnant with my 3rdStudying at CNM gave me so much insight into the intimate connection between our lifestyle and our health and I am blessed to be able to pass on this knowledge on to others. I now run a successful nutrition and lifestyle clinic, working both in the UK and internationally.

My special interests are hormonal health, fertility, gut health as well as cancer nutrition. My real passion is Nutrigenomics (the relationship between our genes, nutrition and health), which I use in combination with conventional functional testing. Thank you CNM for being a part of my transformation journey!



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